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Digital is the main reason that just over half the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000. If you look at the Fortune 500 in 1955, by 2011 87% of them are gone. Digital technology is changing the business landscape and the rate of the change is accelerating. Yet, many marketers do not see it. They still see it as something a long way off. I liken it to the expanding universe. Just as the stars are accelerating away from us, so your customers, your competitors and your partners are travelling fast and leaving you behind.  That's the story behind the name Redshift. 


Digital, Social media and Content Marketing

We will help you grow and improve your business through effective marketing strategies based on best practices and thought leadership in digital marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. 

The disruptive acceleration of technology will impact all businesses. Connecting to your audience in a meaningful way, is vital. 


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strategic insights powered by artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting marketing. With my partners at Significance Systems, we can provide you with the Strategic Insights your business needs, powered by Machine Learning and Computational Linguistics. 


For strategic thinkers, it provides "augmented intelligence" - think of it as your AI-powered "Genie-in-a-Bottle"!


We can help you measure the market relevance of your self-defined sales drivers, make your content marketing more effective or give you cost effective thought leadership content powered by Artificial Intelligence.



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