Redshift Helps Business Navigate Digital Disruption

Digital Marketing in Singapore
Digital Marketing in Singapore

Strategic Insights

I work with my partners at Significance Systems to help you develop unique and valuable insights into your market, cost effectively and without bias using the latest AI techniques. It uses open data across the web to give you subject matter expertise and thought leadership. If you need to understand your Brand Health, improve your Content Marketing publishing strategy, get quick market insights and orientation to help with business development, this is an effective, unbiased solution.

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I provide Digital, Social Media and Content Marketing Training and Workshops

What Does Redshift Do?:

My Goal

My simple motivation is to help your business improve. Redshift will help you through implementing best practices and innovative solutions in digital, social media and content marketing


Digital Marketing

Redshift will help you to improve and grow your business, through enduring and effective digital marketing strategy, insights and performance. Beginning with a comprehensive audit, we will provide best practice and validation for your Digital Marketing Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Online Advertising, Search Strategy, Web Development, and multi-market online campaigns


Social Media Marketing

We all know that Social Media needs a different approach compared to other channels because it is about making authentic connections. It requires thought, insight, and understanding of the trends and specific rules of the channel. It also needs experience to understand how to use it to grow your business. Redshift can provide you with an original Social Media Strategy, ongoing plan and campaigns that will address your business weaknesses and make your social presence a cornerstone of your brand


Content Marketing

Redshift will help you create content that will educate, entertain and persuade your target audience, designed to ultimately trigger action. I will help you develop a Content Strategy and implementation plan that will answer the questions that your target audience has in their  head



Work With Me

According to the World Economic Forum, we are on the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Most marketers are not ready. What you need is a partner to navigate the ongoing digital disruption

My Experience

I have over 18 years experience working with some of the worlds biggest brands. I provide strategic counsel and pragmatic, practical solutions, hype-free